The UFO's

I have started this green star quilt right after we came back from Oregon in 2006. It's been too long time! (Trust me I have whole bunch of UFO's sitting in my sewing room.) My sewing mojo was kind on and off at that moment. I finished the top in couple of days then just letting it sitting in some place for awhile until I forgot it. And again feeling so bad returning to work on it one more chance.
The top with the batting was laying on stair rack for several months as well;-) I decided to finish this one!! I spent whole night working on my Elna 7200. It was reall good fun quilting but working on black fabric at night wasn't pleasant idea.

Today I was suppose to meet some quilters in downtown but there was something happened this morning. I took Nicole my youngest daughter to hospital. She had yellowish stuffs in her eyes so she couldn't stop rubbing her eyes. It causes eyes iritation.

Get back to my business, I had an hour or so while my girl asleep to finish quilting. Voila!

There are lots of mistake on this quilt which I wouldn't want to show off but at least I get this thing done. Actually, I wrote this right after I finishd binding but just too late to take a picture. Hopefully sooner:-)

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  1. I like the things you have made and show on your blog!

  2. This quilt is beautifully quilted, I love it! I can't see any mistakes ;-)
    By the way, I tried to surf to the tutorials you have listed, but they don't work, as there is one http// too much in the address line, you might want to correct it.
    Happy Quilting!
    Sue in Germany