remember me?

This is a message from lazy mom in Bangkok. So far I have been doing a mega project. Don't be surprise if you have seen many UFO in my sewing room. I'm just an ordinary lazy quilter with tons of project in my head:-)

 It is for my DH's niece who will get married in this coming summer. Please keep your fingers cross for me as there will be thirty six rings altogether. I started  a couple week ago. Well,I think I'm not that lazy then.

FYI: it's been nice to stay home and quilt in this such a cool weather here in Bangkok. I know that sounds cruel to hear that people around the world have a hard time right now. I just want to make it worthfully before 100 degree in March:-)

We had such a wonderful time in the our favorite island among Christmas through New Year.

I took along YOYO -another UFO project with me while I can watch my girls in the pool either or watching them in the ocean by the sunset.

Until the next time.


I love GO cutter!!

I have read many comments about this gadget. I got it! Even though the shipping cost to Thailand and tax killed me, I think this one is convenient for certain patterns such as the hexagons or the wedding rings.
I got this stacks of hexies within an hour without  templates drawing stress. This project is for Christmas table runner. I'll keep you a post.


a productive weekend

I'm back! It's been so long since my last post.........time to get back to business.

Occasionally I got a feeling to bake. Last Friday after I watched Nigella's cooking show through TLC channel. Her double chocolate cookies looked so yummy even John couldn't resist that.
After dropped Nat for her ballet class  on  Saturday morning, I went straight to Top Supermarket for Hershey semi sweet chocolate chips.
It turned out quite delicious plus the almonds on top makes me assume that they are healthier:-)

Watching  my girls drawing  pictures was fun too. At least they let me work on my project for a moment. Here's another  project that I have started for long time today I could make more progress which I am a little proud of myself. And thanks to my dear duaghters for letting me work today.
By the way I almost forgot to show this picture of my finger . Not too fastinated to look at but tomorrow I'm gonna have those thread remove.
Hopefully, I can get back to normal since it's akward  when I tried to work on my quilt.   It was very new to me to make this type of sashing . You can see little stars points are cut from 1 1/2 inch squares. It was challenging for me.



busy week

Yeah!! I finished this quilt. I am so proud of myself that I cleaned out another WIP in my drawer.

Follow by easy projects for friends that I made them the same day.

Baby quilt for baby Maxwell who was born last Friday. And Pillow for Yaqin-Nat's classmate.

The other I pulled out a honey bun roll from Moda that I bought it long time ago. I always want to try the Bargello quilt but somehow I think I need to practice with an easy lesson.Scrappy Bargello was fun to try plus the precut fabrics is convenient and non stress for the impatience like me.

Too bad that I couldn't finished this before the girls are back from school.

Can't wait to see when I finish.


quilting inputs

This is another step close to the finish.I put local turqoise batik fabric for the border and just finished the basting. I have tried to figure out which thread colors should I use for this quilt as well as quilting pattern.
What up in my mind now is circles overlap the whole quilt with either silver or gold thread.

Anyone has any ideas?



another WIP

Yesterday I pulled this project from a drawer. Almost forgot this since I got it a couple years ago.

I don't get a satisfaction because I didn't have plan when I assembled them. However I'm glad that I pushed myself to make this project close to  the end:-)

My girls just got back from school and get excited for this one.


Cathedral Windows Block

I really enjoy making this block. And I love these fabrics too.
Most of them from Park Slope by Erin McMorris and the other one from Sandi Henderson's previous collection which I don't recognise the name.
Sometimes it takes me awhile to remember all of the collection name since they keeping coming competitively.

I can't believe it'is June 4th now. Time fly! It's getting more rain here in Bangkok suburb which I love it.
Less humidity and sweats!! Some of you might have curiosity  how I survive quilting in the days over 100 degree.
Easy answer, try as much as to quilt in air conditioning space or do it at night time.

I can't wait to go back to the US in July even it's only two months vacations. The next best thing is I could buy more and more fabrics!! yea, I can't get enough to build more stash in my studio. I already bought another suitcase. Thanks to the girls,as a family travelling together allows us to have more luggages.
Ialready started counting down...........another 41 days..wait for me Oregon!

I don't promise to anyone but would rather to say that I will bring this project with me. At least I can keep it up without a sewing machine.

I keep you a post. Till then.