remember me?

This is a message from lazy mom in Bangkok. So far I have been doing a mega project. Don't be surprise if you have seen many UFO in my sewing room. I'm just an ordinary lazy quilter with tons of project in my head:-)

 It is for my DH's niece who will get married in this coming summer. Please keep your fingers cross for me as there will be thirty six rings altogether. I started  a couple week ago. Well,I think I'm not that lazy then.

FYI: it's been nice to stay home and quilt in this such a cool weather here in Bangkok. I know that sounds cruel to hear that people around the world have a hard time right now. I just want to make it worthfully before 100 degree in March:-)

We had such a wonderful time in the our favorite island among Christmas through New Year.

I took along YOYO -another UFO project with me while I can watch my girls in the pool either or watching them in the ocean by the sunset.

Until the next time.