my first workshop with Janome

my first workshop with Janome
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This is my first launch workshop for Janome ever since I have work for their magazines time to time.
I got call from Janome girl that they want to have a quilt class for handicrafts fair at Tang Hua Seng Department stores in two weeks.

I chose a pillow case class as they offer me only four hours class which is impossible to finish patchwork quilt. But this block was simple though turns out nice contents. Especially I love Amy Butler's Daisy Chain line. They looks georgeous with linen. I did machined quilt both the pinwheels lines which I like how pinwheels pop out.

I hope you guys would come and join me at this workshop. Feel free to leave me any tips for the class. Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Congratulations in leading the workshop. It sounds like it will be fun. That is a great pattern and I love what you've done with it.