the first one-top finished

the first one-top finished
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These are blocks that I've been collecting from Thai blogger friends.
They are about 200 pieces of quilt blocks from all over Thailand and
many contries such as Australia, USA, Canada, Netherland,Taiwan and Singapore.
It was just a random idea that I've post on my Thai blog about making blankets for people in up country. Every year we overhear from the nwes that people in the moutains get suffer from the low temperature.

It was quite nice surprise thus great response from Thai quilters. They are 73 ladies and one man had signed up.
Some of them are none experiences but they wish to pay it forward and love to learn how to quilt.
Also I have made some tutorials for beginners which was quite chalenging for me.

By the way, I haven't mentioned that quilting is a small hobby here but it's getting more popular.

The picture I have post is the first one I had just started this evening.
Take a look! Isn't it pretty.

It is getting cooler in November even if I live in Bangkok. I hope I can finish them on time.


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  1. What a wonderful top. What a lovely thing you are doing. I really enjoy seeing how other people around the world are quilting. It will be interesting to follow along as quilting becomes more popular in Bangkok